Taller Maya

September 2020 - March 2021
Communications, Web Design, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Art Direction, Exhibition Design.

Taller Maya is a renowned design brand that collaborates with artisanal groups established all around the Yucatan Peninsula to create homeware, accesories and clothing that showcases the techniques, materials and traditions of the region. It is a certified B corporation and has been recognized by the World Fair Trade Organization.

As director of communications & ecommerce my goal was to manage the brand’s image develop the storytelling in its different channels and digital platforms in order to enhance its positioning. I was involved in many processes that varied from developing a concept and art direction for a campaign, social media content or press publications to the management of its ecommerce and digital marketing.

Moreover I was also acting as a designer. I redesigned the brand’s visual identity from the start in order to design its new website and all of its social media content. I also lead the design for the exhibition “Ensamble Artesano” on view at Taller Maya’s Mérida shop.

Photography by Daniela Pelaez