Hacer milpa

Ceramics, Material research, Product design
Ceramic seal design by Carlo Canún
Photography by Mariana Achach

¿Los objetos son tiempo parado? — Clarice Lispector

A milpa is an agricultural system based on the symbiotic relationship between corn and other species that has been practiced in México for more than 8,000 years. Today, there are 60 native corn varieties in danger.

Hacer milpa considers the permanence of  ceramics on earth and its role as a narrator of human history in order to concentrate a small part of the invaluable knowledge about native corn in each piece, so that it can withstand the passage of time.

Each glaze was developed after a year long research represents a native corn variety. The dinnerware set was designed for Tamales Madre, a restaurant that explores traditional tamales cuisine with a contemporary approach using exclusively native corn.