Calla is a solar-powered, foldable lamp that records and reproduces the movement, temperature and intensity of sunlight. It encourages you to establish and maintain a dialogue with your surrounding nature. We believe Calla creates a sense of belonging to a larger ecosystem and strengthens the bond between individuals through a ritual that will be passed on to future generations, a universal heirloom. The information recorded by Calla acts as environmental indicators in order to increase its protection and combat its degradation. It is the passing on of nature as a gift and the reminder of our place in it.

2018. felt, acrylic, LED, battery. 
H 20 x L 45 x W 30.
In collaboration with Eveliina Juuri, Kartikaye Mittal, Sophie Randleman, Adrianna Pomykacz.
2018 Special Mention WantedDesign Brooklyn.